Action plan 2019

  • Preparation of ESCO-themed events with new partners and existing ones
  • Participation in the ANRE Working Group for the completion of the EPC contract project.
  • Participation in consortia to obtain funding to promote the ESCO concept
  • Cooperation with international organizations to ensure the transfer of knowledge and expertise
  • Development of the ICMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) training program
  • Developing the acknowledgment/ certification system for energy service companies of the ESCO type.
  • Keeping members informed about the activity of the Board of Directors.
  • Assigning members’ responsibilities to assume and effectively coordinate the execution of a particular goal with the support and involvement of other members
  • Adoption of common positions of members on topics of interest in the field of Energy Efficiency Services in relation to authorities

Activities carried out in the first semester – 2019

Participation in the ESCO – ANRE & AmCham Working Group
Objective: Proposal of a template contract for energy performance services (EPC).

Participation in the OP 2 Working Group – A Greener Europe
Objective: Concrete proposals of action directions / projects, for the target year 2030, for decarbonising the economy.

Participation in the preparation of an application for accessing EC funds – the international consortium
The proposal has as purpose the Alleviation of energy poverty at the level of individual households.

Participation in the Working Group for the elaboration of the Long-term Renovation Strategy
Objective: The agreement with the World Bank has two components that will address in an integrated way the aspects of energy efficiency in buildings and of seismic risk.

The Project is co-financed from the European Social Fund (ESF) through the Administrative Capacity Operational Program (POCA) 2014 – 2020, carried out in PARTNERSHIP with the National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urbanism and Sustainable Territorial Development „URBAN-INCERC” and with the SUPPORT of WORLD BANK on the basis of the Agreement for reimbursable technical assistance services.

Press release

Romania’s energy strategy 2019-2030 – ESCOROM point of view

Supporting the measures needed to increase energy efficiency, in addition to direct effects (reducing energy intensity and specific consumption, reducing GHG), will also have benefits such as the creation of new jobs for specialists with university education and the development of industrial branches which produce the necessary efficient technical systems (equipment, installations, measuring instruments and monitoring systems etc.). Sustainable results in this direction can only be achieved by creating the necessary legal framework for the functioning of ESCO-type companies, which provide integrated energy efficiency services (design-implementation-operation-monitoring).